Software Engineer and Game Developer



A game based off of the Windows XP version of Minesweeper.

Made in the game "s&box" during its beta stage, this game was received well, garnering over 100 unique players within the first week of it's release. This game is still playable through the s&box game browser, and the code for the project is open source on Github.


A cellular automata game based around physics

A game made for a Computer Science project, Phy6 utilizes the LWJGL to create a pixel game based on the physics of certain objects. This game is available on Github and compilable on both 32 bit and 64 bit systems, as well as having been made in Maven for easy compilation.

Running Timer

A game engine utilizing all the latest bells and whistles

Running Timer is a game engine currently being developed for another game that I am making, designed to be easy to use and novice friendly. Running Timer boasts many features such as an ECS, cross-compatibility, .NET Runtime (C#), and Roslyn compilation.

Sadly, the back-end to this engine is proprietary. However, the C# implementation will be open source and highly documented in order to make it easier for modders and game designers.